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About Patrick Ecclesine

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Patrick Ecclesine is an award-winning photographer born and raised in Los Angeles.  He's shot over one hundred publicity and advertising campaigns for the film and television industry and is a frequent contributor to Vanity Fair Magazine.  Additionally, he is a fairly mediocre dancer who has been permanently banned from the Berlin Metro.  He is however, a decent surfer and an excellent cook.

"Great pictures are like stories that pull us in, prompt us to wonder and keep us guessing.  Who is this person? Where are they going?  What are they thinking?  From my point of view, the moments surrounding a photograph are far more evocative than the actual image itself.  It's the mystery that seduces our imagination and causes us to have a personal experience.  And the mystery and the magic reside beneath the light, in the darkness, in the shadows. My greatest pleasure is to create images that simmer and crackle beyond the confines of the frame."  - Patrick Ecclesine


Vanity Fair, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Showtime, Dreamworks, Amblin Entertainment, Lionsgate, Universal, Lifetime, CNN, TNT, TBS, NBC, CBS, CW, FOX, Epix, Honda Motorcycles, The Alzheimer's Foundation, Olson Advertising, Hewlitt Packard, Esquire Network and others.

Book Publications

Faces of Sunset Boulevard – A Portrait of Los Angeles (Santa Monica Press 2009)

"Stark, startling color images represent a leap forward in social-documentary of the strongest statements about man’s dark fate in the West ever committed to paper.                                          

 — Pop Matters

"Ecclesine's emphasis is on the people, not the street. And he's got an eye for a magazine-like, flattering beauty: Everyone glows."

 —Los Angeles Times

First Place shared with Annie Leibovitz at the SCIBA Awards, 2009
Top Photography Book, Shutterbug Magazine 2008